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I am a mother of two who found my passion for fitness after baby number 1! I realized that I had to work for the body I wanted and couldn't just expect things to fall back into place by merely wishing. During the past 8 years I had baby number 2, graduated with a Bachleor of Arts degree, and found my true passion in life- Fitness!

I became a NASM certified personal trainer and have set out to help others achieve their fitness goals whether that is weight loss, muscle gain, strength endurance, maximal strength gains, etc...

As a recovering cardio bunny, I am now teaching others the many benefits of strength and endurance training and making it fun! Gone are the hours spent on the treadmill! I like new and exciting workout routines and I implement that aspect in my clients' training plans as well!


I want to help you reach the next level in your health and fitness journey through proven training methods that are specifcially tailored to your body and goals.


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For questions and inquiries please email me at efitmama@gmail.com