MARCH 27th, 2017




 -You will need to fill out the 4-Week Challenge Questionnaire on the Forms page and send to me at efitmama@gmail.com at least 2 days prior to the start date of choice. Please put the date for the challenge you will be doing in the subject line of this email. *Only 1 Form is needed to be filled out, no others! You will also be given info on sending before and progress pictures to me in this form.


Details/Description of this Challenge: 


-COMPLETELY NEW Weekly training plans for the Gym or Home 

-Customized macros and nutrition plan

-Mandatory weekly check-ins

-Support 24/7 via email

-Private Facebook Page to interact with other challengers, post recipes, ask questions, motivation and support!

-There will be 2 winners chosen who lose the most inches/weight OR who had the biggest transformation

-Winners will receive an additional 4 weeks of online training for FREE!


-Any questions? Please email me at efitmama@gmail.com


                                ---------NO REFUNDS-----------

 PART II and PART III 4-Week Challenge - $45

​(For Previous Challengers)


MARCH 27TH, 2017

-Start Date is Monday, November 28th! After you purchase email me the Part II/Part III questionnaire that can be found on the forms page. Please put whether you are doing the Part II or Part III Challenge in the subject line of your email and attach progress pics and questionnaire

Details/Description of this Challenge:

​-Same platform as the First Challenge

-New set of Gym and Home Training Plans

-We will adjust/re-work your macros as needed

-Mandatory Weekly Check-Ins

-Same Access to Private Facebook Page for Part II challengers

-New Facebook Page for Part III Challengers

-------NO REFUNDS--------