December 1st - 31st

$35 one time payment and you keep the pdf eBook filled with workouts and recipes as well! Sign up by clicking the Buy Now

After you have signed up send me an email at and put HEALTHY HOLIDAY CHALLENGE in the subject line. You will be emailed everything you need before the challenge start date of December 1st

- - - -Details - - - -

This is a 31 day challenge for the month of December. The purpose and goal is to stay healthy and feel good during the most chaotic and busiest time of year! Holiday season! And maybe even lose a little if that is your goal! We will be focusing on - body, mind, and soul (we will each have our own weekly planner to print out as well!)

You will be sent a 46 page PDF eBook with 25 minimal equipment workouts. There is a workout video for every single one. A lot of HIIT workouts and specific muscle group workouts. You can pick and choose from this as you wish or you can do any other workout or activity that you like

In this eBook there is also a Nutritious Meal Plan with MANY Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner recipes and meals! There is also a Snack List - You DO NOT have to eat these things, it's just there for you to use if you choose to do so!

There will be NO check ins and NO tracking macros or calories UNLESS you want to do so. 

We will have a private Facebook group where we all support each other, share our wins and our struggles, build friendships, share healthy recipes and healthy holiday dishes! A place for community and encouragement! I will be sharing tips as well! 

December Healthy Holiday Challenge